Get To Know Chef Craiger


Chef Craiger

Chef Craiger Van Zee is on a mission to teach the world how to grill! A veteran of 40 plus years in the food and beverage industries, Chef Craiger got his start at the grill at the unexpected age of twelve! At a time when cookbooks with a grill theme did not exist, and the only television chef of any note was Julia Child, finding help to learn to grill better was a near impossible quest. Consequently, trial and error became the only method of producing any results, and error was certainly the rule. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and the methods Chef Craiger uses today are the result of his years of dedication to the Art of Grilling!

Raised in Iowa, Chef Craigers’ roots are firmly set in the Meat and Potatoes comfort food genre. However, dissatisfied with overcooked meats and general lack of imagination when preparing grilled foods, Chef Craiger began to experiment! The results of his many years of testing and tasting have introduced some of the most amazing flavors, techniques, and results! Do not expect the mundane, but rather the unexpected!

Chef Craiger has been performing for audiences since the age of four, first flexing his singing voice in choirs and as a soloist, and later on stage via dramatic productions. Chef Craiger has been teaching others to grill for many years, combining with other chefs to teach methods and techniques, and working with corporations to conduct Team Building events. Today, thanks to the reach of Groupon, Chef Craiger has been conducting his grilling classes on a more private scale, working with up to 22 students per class. To date he has welcomed over 3,200 students into his thrice weekly classes.

So lets get outside and fire up the Grill! The weather is great, and the family is hungry!